Spreading Hope Bit by Bit





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Today it is possible for you to connect with the world. Friendships are sailing all over the web, and the exchange of ideas has never been faster. Sanady is an Arabic platform established with the goal to spread hope using the Internet as a medium of communication.

By granting patients the opportunity to share their medical experiences, the digitized bits of the platform create a wave of friendship, support and care over the Internet. Patients find themselves steered away from their medical condition and in a place of authority as they give advice to fellow patients and lend them strength in such a difficult phase of their life. Patients have the opportunity to partake in interactive discussions where you can engage in existing discussions or open a new discussion on the forum.

Sanady provides complete privacy to patients in regards to their identity, and at the same time allows for the creation of a database of all the exchanged medical information concerning their medical condition, treatment and any drugs taken. The creation of such a database will greatly benefit pharmaceutical companies in their research and development phases as they will have access to real-life medical cases. Patients can edit their profile whenever they want.

Sanady offers a safe environment where patients and families can share their medical experiences so that they support each other. Sanady provides the option for patients to follow up on their case, and for health care providers to follow up on their patients. Read the latest news and articles on medical topics that interest you. Depending on who you are, you can open an account as a patient, doctor, researcher or healthcare provider.

With Sanady, patients have the power to be an inspiration for other patients and their families, however the platform is not a substitute for doctor or specialist consultation, but rather a source of support. Sanady aims to spread hope bit by bit.